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The following benchmarks may be used to estimate the space needs of a tenant depending upon the room allocation and type of floor plan to be designed.

Private Offices:
  CEO/CFO (16X20) 320 sf
  Senior Executive (14X16) 224 sf
  Manager’s Office (12X12) 144 sf
  Medium Private Office (10x12) 120 sf
  Small Private Office (10x10) 100 sf

Work Station Cubicles:
  Engineering/HR (10x12) 120 sf
  Clerical (8x8) 64 sf
  Sales (6x8) 48 sf

Conference Room
  Seating 4 (10x10) 100 sf
  Seating 6-8 (12x12) 144 sf
  Seating 10 (12x16) 192 sf
  Seating 12 (12x18) 216 sf
  Seating 14 (15x20) 300 sf
  Seating 16-18 (18x20) 360 sf

Reception Area:
  Small (12x12) 144 sf
  Large (15x15) 225 sf

Supply Room:
  Small (6x10) 60 sf
  Medium (10x12) 120 sf
  Large (12x15) 180 sf

Mail and File Room:
  Small (10x10) 100 sf
  Medium (10x15) 150 sf
  Large (15x15) 225 sf

Training Room:
  Seating 16 (20x30) 600 sf
  Seating 25 (25x30) 750 sf
  Seating 35 (30x30) 900 sf

Break Room:
  Seating 4-6 (10x15) 150 sf
  Seating 8-10 (12x16) 192 sf
  Seating 12-14 (16x18) 288 sf

Server/Telephone Room (8x8) 64 sf

  Regular (6x8) 48 sf
  Handicapped (6x12) 72 sf

Janitors Closet (68x8) 48 sf

Other: _______

Subtotal Area: ___________
Circulation @ 30%:  
Total Usable Area: ___________
Building Load Factor:  
Total Rentable Area: ___________

Parking Requirements: Total Number Number Reserved


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